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2017 Middle East Region Cadet Leadership School

Civil Air Patrol Middle East Region (MER) is once again offering two exciting Cadet Leadership Schools (CLS) this summer!

MER CLS – South                                                  MER CLS – North
16 – 22 July 2017                                                    23 – 30 July 2017
Seymour Johnson AFB, NC                                    Camp Fretterd, MD
          http://fb.com/MERRCLSSouth                                 http://fb.com/MERRCLSNorth

Purpose:  To develop cadets’ Phase III leadership skills, including indirect leadership, principles of officership, and responsibilities of command.

Eligibility:  Cadets must have completed an encampment and be at least a C/MSgt.

Cost:    $175.00 which will be collected after cadets are accepted.

Student Applications:  Cadets must submit a CAPF 31 to .  Once accepted cadets will also provide a CAPF 160, 161, 163.  Cadets can apply to both school but will only be accepted to one.  Please indicate your preference on your CAPF 31.

Student Deadline:  Applications must be received by 21 June for RCLS-South and 28 June for RCLS-North. After the deadline, apps will be considered by space available. 

Staff Applications:  Each CLS requires a cadre of Senior Officers and cadet staff to serve as instructors and to help run the activity.  If you are interested, please send a one page letter of interest summarizing your cadet programs and leadership experience to .   Staff deadline:  Officer and cadet applications must be received by 1 June 2017.

If you have any questions, contact Lt. Col. SJ Gonzales  for CLS-South () or Maj Stacey McManus for CLS-North at ().


We hope to see you at RCLS!!!

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