Staff Contact Info

The MER Cadet Programs Team is made up of dedicated senior members and cadets who oversee the administrative, operational, and educational initiatives for cadet programs in the Region. If you're not sure who to contact about a cadet programs issue, you can email the alias  and it will get to the right person.

Region Cadet Programs Staff

Deputy Chief of Staff for Cadet Programs
Capt Patricia G. Overman

DDR Program Officer
Maj Juanita Sanchez-Carter

Cadet Advisory Council Senior Advisor
Capt Patricia G. Overman

Cadet Advisory Council Chair
C/Capt Abhishek Mogili, VAWG

Cadet Programs Activity Directors

Cadet Competition
Capt. Eric Muse

Honor Guard Academy
Lt Col Jett Mayhew

Powered Flight Academy
Col Gene Hartman

Wreaths Across America (D.C. area events)
Col William "Ziggy" Bernfeld

2016 Cadet Leadership School - North
Maj Stacey McManus

2016 Cadet Leadership School - South
Lt Col Cheryl Fielitz-Scarbrough & Maj Ivan Scarbrough

Wing Directors of Cadet Programs

National Capital Wing
Maj Joe Frech
NATCAPWG Cadet Programs

Delaware Wing
Lt Col Catherine "Cami" Twyford
DEWG Cadet Programs

Maryland Wing
Lt Col James Keohane

North Carolina Wing
1st Lt Kate Maxfield
NCWG Cadet Programs

South Carolina Wing
Capt George E. Davis
SCWG Cadet Programs

Virginia Wing
Lt Col Timothy Day
VAWG Cadet Programs

West Virginia Wing
Maj David J. Terris
WVWG Cadet Programs