Cadet Competition

The Middle East Region Cadet Comp will be held on March 31 - April 2 at Fort Pickett, VA. Each wing can enter two teams. Teams will consist of 6 cadets of any grade or age.

The competition will use the NCC Curriculum in CAPP 52-4.

We are also looking for members to serve on staff to help judge and assist with the competition. You do not have to be an expert to help. Roles may consist of: Judges, marshals, linesmen, timekeepers, meal prep/set up. Cadet assistants are also welcomed.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me at  if you have any preference as to how you would like to assist please let me know that as well.

Team Preparation Tips

  • Start early (now)
  • Escorts and team captain should read CAPP 52-4 in its entirety. Multiple times.
  • Practice events with all cadets in the squadron, then pick top six
  • Give cadets schedule of things to practice at home (e.g., CPFT)
  • Mix events into regular squadron meeting at first
  • Graduated practice schedule
    • 1-2x/week until six weeks out
    • 2-3x/week until three weeks out
    • 3-4x/week until week of competition
  • New competition format is much more doable – so do it!


MER Cadet Competition OPS Plan- 2017


Capt Eric T.B. Muse, CAP


Middle East Region Director, Region Cadet Competition